We are currently open and operating in Omaha!
*Due to COVID, we are currently operating by appointment only.
Please book your room prior to arrival.

*Also, for your safety and for ours, masks are now required when visiting The Escape Omaha.

At The Escape Omaha, your game will always be a private booking in one of the four themed rooms we have to choose from. We have increased our sanitation standards to follow CDC guidelines. We appreciate the practice of social distancing to ensure our staff and guests have a happy, healthy game time.


*Players under 14 must be accompanied by an adult player in the room.



Here’s a quick rundown!

  • Your team of up to seven players will be “locked” in a room for one hour. Inside the room are clues to find and puzzles to solve. It’ll take quick thinking and a lot of teamwork. Objective: Beat the game before time runs out!

  • All of the rooms are a private experience (meaning you won’t be put in with players you haven’t booked with) and cost $99 per room

  • We have four different games to choose from with themes like an undercover spy, space aliens, and more.

  • Parking is available but limited, carpooling is advised!

  • Safety is our top priority. The doors to our games don’t really lock and we’ll let you out for a debrief after an hour, win or lose. Our spacious escape rooms don’t have anything that will jump out at you, and we are wheelchair accessible.

  • Ready to start your adventure? Our rooms are just $99 per room for groups up to 7! Look over our selection of rooms here or book your experience here.



Wed - Thurs: 4pm - 10pm
Fri - Sun: 11am - 10pm
Mon - Tues: Closed

A mad scientist plans to poison the city. Delve into his crazed conspiracy and extract the antidote.

Perfect for: First Timers, Families, Gamers, Kinesthetic Learners, Mad Scientists


2-7 Players

40% Escape

10 Mystery Vials

A restricted area harbors a dangerous extraterrestrial cover-up. Unravel the secrets to contain the damage.

Perfect for:
First-Timers, Puzzle Solvers, Families, Kinesthetic Learners, Alien Abductees


2-7 Players

35% Escape

1 Alien Artifact

The Clockwork Killer

Time is running out in this murder mystery. Navigate the tangled web let behind by this deadly killer within the hour to stop them from striking again.

Perfect for:
First-Timers, Families, Mystery Fans, Puzzle Solvers, Anyone With Skeletons in Their Closet


2-7 Players

25% Escape

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